Off-The-Shoulder Tops

All black
cold-shoulder top #allblack 
So I simply wore this off the shoulder top with black skirt and a pair of black boots. The off the shoulder top made the outfit look more stylish and feminine. 

This is one of my favourite trend, they just make you look so stylish. Basically it is a little less grunge and more feminine look.I think it’s a perfect way to ease yourself into showing a little skin.The great thing about a cold-shoulder top? You can keep the rest of your arms covered, but the peek-a-boo cutouts reveal just enough to keep them guessing.And seriously what woman doesn’t love to show off her shoulders?

I think you should definitely add them to your wardrobe! The off-the-shoulder design can be found in dresses and tops. Off-the-shoulder tops/dresses make you look more girly and it is one of the popular trend this year. 


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